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Our goal is to provide you the service, the entertainment, the technology, and most importantly, the controls to allow you to easily enjoy your living environment to the utmost.

Media Rooms

At Sound World, we have all the ingredients to make the media room that you have always dreamed of! Choose from our wide range of chairs and recliners, speakers and subwoofers, screens and projectors.  We have everything that you could want when creating a room that, let’s be honest, you’ll never want to leave! Sound World has been in the home audio video business since the day we opened our doors back in 1971. We have years of experience when it comes to creating a media room that will suit your home and your budget! Our integrated systems make your home theater easy to use as everything can be controlled from a smartphone or tablet. Call us for a quote today!

Residential - Home Theater

Home Theater

By investing in a Sound World home theater, you are investing in the good life! Relaxation, entertainment, family, friends, fun... these are all the things that we at Sound World keep in mind when designing and building your custom made home theater systems. From the screens and speakers to the chairs and carpet, we do it all and all with your budget in mind. Sound World has been in the home theater business for more than 40 years and has built up a wealth of knowledge and experience and we think that listening to the needs of our customers is the best way to ensure that their home theaters turn out the way that they want! And when our customers are happy, we are happy!

A Screen Is Everything

Affordable Think projection is expensive? Think again. Especially true for sizes larger than 70”, projection often costs nearly half as much as standard flat-panel systems.

The Real Experience If you don’t have a big screen, you are missing the experience. Buying a flat-panel instead of projection system is like buying a picture of Niagara Falls vs seeing Niagara Falls in person.

No Glare Flat-panel images are often compromised by annoying reflections; this problem grows worse the larger the screen. Projection screens have no reflective layer and thus, no glare.
Your Sized Our customers often order screens built within 1-inch increments to perfectly fit their environment. This is impossible with flat-panel, limiting you to standard sizes only.

Goes Away Projection screens can be motorized, or even levitate, thanks to Zero-G®, and mounted flush into the ceiling to completely disappear. You can’t roll flat-panel screens or easily store them away.
Versatile Projection is incredibly versatile, having applications for more than just movies. It’s used every day for simulation, presentations, design, and regular TV. We even have a screen on the space station!

It is Kind of a Big Deal Contrast Enhancement Mankind is no longer forced to turn the lights off to enjoy the big screen experience. Zero Edge® with Slate® rejects up to 65% of the ambient light in your environment which allows you to leave the lights on when watching the game, movies, playing video games, and more. 

A Really Big Deal 5 Series Zero Edge® is available in sizes up to 200-inches diagonally, without a seam. Even with all that size, we have nearly eliminated logistics concerns such as elevators and other tight spaces due to our packaging methods which allows a 200-inch screen to break down into a 13-inch tall by 110-inch long box.
Zero Edge® Frame Style Minimizing the 3.5” bezel down to a mere 3/8” bezel creates a more aesthetically pleasing look, and allows projection screens, for the first time ever, to be incorporated into the design of a room. Since we created the category, Zero Edge® has been a fan-favorite of designers, home integrators and end-users alike.
LED Backlighting Aside from looking really cool, our LED backlighting option on Zero Edge® can actually improve your viewing experience. On large screens transitions from dark to bright scenes can cause eye strain as your iris struggles to quickly open and close. Backlighting helps to ease these transitions by providing a more consistent viewing experience.


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