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Smart Home Automation

Our goal is to provide you the service, the entertainment, the technology, and most importantly, the controls to allow you to easily enjoy your living environment to the utmost.

Residential - Home Automation

Smart Home Automation

Let Sound World equip your home with our personalized automation systems. We can place you on the cutting edge of technology by giving you unprecedented control of any system in your home through a single user-friendly interface.

Whether you choose to access your home system through a touch pad in your home or through a mobile device from anywhere in the world, Sound World is here to give you total control.

Use our personalized systems to create scenario settings to fit your lifestyle. Did you forget to turn off a light before leaving on a week-long vacation? Program an “Away” setting on your mobile device to shut off all lights. Too tired to get out of bed to lower the temperature? Pick a “Nighttime” setting that will do it for you. Having guests over? Select a “Party” setting that will broadcast music in all rooms of your house and dim your lights to set the mood. The options are limitless, and you are in total control. With the help of Sound World, we will make you the master of your home.

Residential - Lighting Control

Lighting Control

See your home in a whole new light! Sound World provides beautifully designed, superior products that help you live a life of ease, beauty, and luxury. We all know how important lighting is for putting us in the right state of mind, and Sound World always makes this possible: transform your bedroom into a place of peace and tranquillity; keep your kitchen productive, functional and clean; turn your garden into a place of mystery and fantasy - all with the power of the right lighting! Create the right mood and save energy at the same time while controlling your entire lighting system with the touch of a button. Sound World knows how to do this and will help make your home the best place it can be.


So Much More Than Audio/Video


Turn your Apple® or Android™ phone or tablet into the ultimate connected home controller with On Controls, winner of the CES 2014 Control Product of the Year. From a single app, gain personalized access to your TV, music, security, thermostat, lights, window treatments, energy management and more. Imagine sitting comfortably on the sofa with complete control of your TV, home theater receiver, thermostat and lighting—all from the phone or tablet you already know so well. From a one or two room application to whole-house connectivity, you can evolve your On Controls system on pace with your lifestyle. And On Controls is a cloud-based solution that eliminates the need for costly hardware taking up valuable space on shelves and in racks throughout your home. Easy setup and class-leading customer service make On Controls the ultimate Internet of Things solution to complement the way you live. Now It’s On…with On Controls. Ready to start your On Controls project?

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