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CD Player ADD-ON

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Is Your New Car Missing a CD Player?

Is Your New Car Missing a CD Player? We Can Help!

CD PlayerIf you wish that your new car or truck included a CD player, drop by Sound World in Green Bay and speak with a member of our sales team. While it took decades for the CD to replace the cassette, automakers continued to provide tape deck support for years. The same isn’t true of the compact disc and the evolution of digital audio files. Many new cars from Buick, Chevrolet, GMC, Subaru, Mazda and Jeep only have a USB port. Our add-on CD player solutions will let you play your discs with the same easy control as a built-in optical mechanism.

How the Add-On CD Player Works

We offer the Automotive Integration Solutions USBCD1 and USBCD2 to add a CD player to your late-model infotainment system. This single-disc mechanism can be mounted vertically or horizontally and plugs into the USB port of your factory radio This purely digital connection ensures excellent sound quality and easy control right from the radio or steering wheel.

Do You Need an Add-On Compact Disc Player?


Compatible Vehicles

Here’s a short list of vehicles that are known to be compatible with the universal add-on compact disc player. As there are thousands of cars, trucks and SUVs with USB ports, there may be many more. 

2018 Enclave

2017-18 Encore

2016-18 Envision

2017-18 LaCrosse

2015-17 ATS

2014-16 CTS

2016-17 CT6

2017 XT5

2014-18 Camaro (not ’18 model w/RPO IOA/IOB)

2013-18 Corvette

2014-18 Colorado

2016-18 Cruze (not ’18 model w/RPO IOA/IOB)

2016-18 Impala

2016-18 Malibu

2015-18 Trax

2017-18 Traverse (IO5/IO6 ONLY)

2015-18 300*

2017-18 Pacifica*

2015-16 Charger*

2015-16 Challenger*

2016-17 Dart*

2015-18 Durango*

2016-18 Journey*

2017 Acadia

2017 Canyon

2017 Terrain

2018 Accord (w/LCD screen & dual USB)

2017 CIVIC (w/LCD screen & dual USB)

2017 CRV (w/LCD screen & dual USB)

2016-17 Cherokee (8.4″ only)

2016-17 Grand Cherokee (8.4″ only)

2017 Optima (w/LCD screen)

2017 Sorento (w/LCD screen)

2017 Sportage (w/LCD screen)

2015-18 CX-3 (w/LCD screen)

2017 CX-5 (w/LCD screen)

2016-18 CX-9 (w/LCD screen)

2015-18 MAZDA 3 (w/LCD screen)

2017 MX-5 Miata (w/LCD screen)

2014-18 1500 / 2500 / 3500

2017 Crosstrek

2017 Impreza

2017 Outback

2018 Camry

2018 XC-90 (Premium NON CD models)

* Availability for some Chrysler and Dodge models may be limited. Check with us to see if a solution is available for your vehicle.

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