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Marine Audio

Our team of professionals will fully configure your system and ensure the highest quality possible.


Marine Audio

Choosing the best stereo system for your boat can be a challenge. Since 1971 we have helped outfit boats and yachts all over the state with quality stereo systems. Our many years experience make us uniquely qualified to help simplify the process for you. Marine Speakers come in all shapes and sizes and it can be tough to know which one will fit.  It's easy to get more than you need or not enough. Our goal is to help you find the best setup for your situation. Whether you are looking for something for your fishing boat, ski boat, or Yacht.   We are sure to have a system to meet your needs. We have a great selection of equipment from well known manufacturers and also smaller companies that make quality marine audio gear equipment. 



Great Sound in Your Boat

At Sound World Green Bay, we are experts at making your boat sound incredible while out on the water. Unlike the enclosed space of an automobile interior, simultaneously making the open spaces of a boat both balanced in volume levels and outputting incredibly clear sound is a challenge we know very well. We’ve got the requisite experience and know-how to make your boat’s sound system deliver concert-like sound, all while dependably powering all the other necessary marine electronics. Our marine audio system installations will never leave you stranded on the water.

Boats of all Sizes

We work on boats of all sizes and styles. Recreational marine vessels such as water ski boats and bass fishing boats to larger vessels like yachts and charter boats are all examples with which we have experience and installation expertise. We also work with many of the local marinas to provide consultation, on-site service and support after the sale. Our goal is to make whatever type of boat you have be more enjoyable while you use it. After all, what’s time on the water without great tunes that you can play as loud as you like for as long as you like? This is the Sound World Green Bay difference. We deeply understand the design and installation details that ensure long-lasting performance so that all you need to do is pick which songs to play. Let us manage the installation details and audio system design. It’s what we do best.

Marine-Grade Speakers and Electronics

We have speakers, subwoofers and electronics specifically designed and engineered to withstand the marine environment. Whether it’s conditions of moisture, splashing water or sunlight exposure, our marine audio products will perform as expected so you can focus on enjoying the incredible sound. Most of our speakers and electronics carry IPX water intrusion certification to resist direct exposure to water. This is critical for the moist marine air, accidental splashes or even a spilled beverage. We have many in-dash radios, coaxial and component speakers that fit into a boat’s existing sound system locations. We also have integrated solutions that allow additional remotely controlled keypads, connection of portable devices, media cards or USB thumb drives. We can even set up wireless streaming over Bluetooth audio via Advanced Audio Distribution Profile (A2DP) so you can control your music right from a smartphone.

The majority of our marine radios, amplifiers and controllers have specially treated epoxy-coated circuit boards to further resist moisture and vibration. We mount all equipment with stainless steel hardware to inhibit any rust. For our installation professionals at Sound World Green Bay, it’s these details that set us apart from the rest.

Ski Tower Speakers

Some of our most popular speaker upgrades for marine audio systems are tower-mounted, high output speaker pods. These weatherized and highly-engineered speakers allow sound output that even skiers well behind the boat will hear. Drop anchor and your boat becomes the main attraction to get the party started. Our high efficient, low current draw amplifiers also help to pump out the sound while maintaining adequate reserve power for starting the engine when it’s time to go. You’ll be amazed at the incredible sound and so will your guests.

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