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Outdoor Speakers

Outdoor Speakers




Outdoor Audio for All

Our homes have become an even more important part of our lives the past few years and we have learned to optimize every part of the home.  Relaxing outside or working on that never-ending list of projects is better when you add music.  The days of dragging your old boom box out to the yard (along with a bunch of d-cell batteries) are over.  With Origin Acoustics we can deliver solutions that vary from listening to the game while grilling or having the party that causes the police to come knocking on your door.  All these solutions are engineered to handle the toughest extremes of weather and exposure to other elements of nature.  We can seamlessly incorporate them into your audio system creating a convenient way to bring your tunes outside!

On Wall and Rock Speakers

Mounting a pair or more of all-weather speakers to your home provides a localized solution that is perfect for intimate areas.  These speakers are available in white or black and typically mount under the eave to virtually disappear while providing incredible fidelity.  Outdoor speakers are acoustically designed to work in spaces without any walls (aka, your yard).  Speakers that also resemble rocks are a great way to blend music into your yard.


Landscape Speakers

If you desire music totally enveloping your space, we have several solutions.  Speaker and subwoofer combos that mimic the look of landscape lighting have been popular for years.  Creating a balanced level of sound throughout the space is perfect for entertaining or just enjoying different areas of your yard.  These systems are scalable to accommodate all sizes of property and budget.

Subwoofers outdoor?


We often hear from customers that they do not need a subwoofer outdoor because they never play music that loud.  While a subwoofer does add exciting bass at loud volumes, it is also very important at lower listening levels.  Providing full range music at lower volumes is made possible by incorporating a subwoofer into your system.

 Outdoor Bollards


Taking the landscape concept even further, Origin Acoustics has designed an incredibly elegant outdoor speaker solution.  Designed to cover your property with awesome sound, these speakers will accentuate the architecture of your property that will have your friends wondering where the amazing music is coming from.  Each one incorporates a subwoofer in its design for a balanced sound.


 Rocking the House and the Neighborhood!

The latest solution from Origin Acoustics is their Ambisonic line.  Taking its inspiration from commercial sound venues, (think outdoor concerts) they have developed a line of speakers that will play incredibly loud without losing fidelity (aka distortion).  These are the speakers your neighbors will both love and hate.  Designed with ribbon tweeters and complimentary subwoofers, the Ambisonic speaker are best in class and create a totally immersive audio experience.


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