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Wake up to a world of music

Wake up to a world of music


Sonos lets you use music in ways you never have before to make your home life better on a room-by-room basis. 

Take your bedroom. You can use the Sonos app's Alarms to wake up to a different song, podcast, radio station, or playlist every day. And set the Sleep Timer to lull yourself to sleep then shut off automatically. 

LED speaker light keeping you awake? We'll show you how to shut it off.Set a musical wake up call.Alarms, Sleep Timer, and LED

1. Starting from the Menu in your Sonos app, scroll down and tap Alarms .
2. On the Edit Alarm screen, select On.
3. Now set the TimeRoomMusic (song, playlist, podcast, or radio station), and Volume. You can also schedule your Alarm for specific days, send it to Sonos speakers in other rooms, and set it to shut off automatically.
4. Tap OK. Done.

A little FYI–You can also set different alarms for each Sonos speaker in your home. So everyone can wake up to their own favorite music. 

Need a good playlist to start your day? Apple Music subscribers can find them at Music > Apple Music > New > Curator Playlists > SonosUsing the Sleep TimerSleep TimerLike to fall asleep to music? Perfect.

1. Open Now Playing (the screen with album art and volume control).
2. Tap ... to pull up more options.
3. Select Sleep Timer.
4. Choose a Duration for however long you want your lullaby to keep playing.

Turn off your speaker's LED light.Sleep TimerA quick adjustment that may help you sleep even better.

1. In the Settings menu, go to Room Settings.
2. Select the room where you want to turn your speaker's light off.
3. Toggle the White Indicator Light to the Off position.

There, now. Sleep tight. See you in the morning.

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