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Wireless Surround-Sound System/No Power Cord

Wireless Surround-Sound System/No Power Cord


ONEaudio launches a new generation of wireless speakers that completely cut the cord.

Wireless speakers are widely available from many manufacturers. And although they all claim to be wireless, the truth is, they still require a power cord to operate. ONEaudio has changed all this with the introduction of 5.1 wireless speaker system, the ONEmicro surround, that employs DECT technology to completely eliminate the need for any cords.

DECT (Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunication), originally used in cordless telephones, is a delegated channel specifically assigned for voice communication. DECT operates in a 1.9GHz band, which precludes interference from other nearby wireless product and systems, like those operating on Wi-Fi.

A console box (also wireless) comes with the system. Operating like a music server, it streams music from iPhones and Android devices via Wi-Fi to the speakers. The console also has a 600 CD storage capacity and accepts Hi-Res audio files.

Due to ONEaudio’s bass-filling technique and twin driver subwoofer, a speaker can generate 3D sound covering up to a 250 square-foot room. The ONEaudio speakers can also be used outdoors.

For its ONEsurround system ONEaudio received a CES Innovation Award and DCET Innovation Award. The system will be available for about $680 this summer.


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